The game

Game 6.1

Data Steward: “Well first things first, let’s see how well you know the difference between storing your data on your own computer and publishing it in a trusted repository for reuse!”

In this game you will find different objects that represent descriptions of a dataset. You must decide for each whether it is suitable for publication or not.

  • Use Arrow Keys to move around and push objects.
  • Take the objects to the correct zone to earn the key to the next level.
  • Once you have the key, walk through the door at the top.

Game 6.2

Data Steward: “Wow! I must say, you knew more than I expected!

Most researchers have some fears about publishing their data, however! Do you know the benefits of data publishing well enough to defeat your fears?”

In this game you will pick up objects which represent a benefit to publishing data.

There are also monsters that represent the fears a researcher has about publishing data.

Each fear has a related benefit which will allow the research to defeat that fear.

  • Use Side Arrow Keys to move.
  • Press Up to jump, press it twice to double jump.
  • Pick up objects by touching them.
  • Defeat all the fears by colliding with them holding the correct object to advance to the next level.

Game 6.3

Data Steward: “Ok, so you’re not scared of publishing your data then! But do you know where you want to publish your data? As a supplement to a journal article or as a data publication in a trusted domain specific data repository?”

In this game you must choose the correct publishing route according to the challenge set by the Data Steward.

Use the buttons to move to the door, and walk through to enter the next room.

  • Use Arrow Keys to choose to move.
  • Press Space when standing on a button to open the door.
  • Pass through the door to advance to the next challenge.
  • Correctly complete all challenges to move on to the next level.

Game 6.4

Data Steward: Well, now that you have published your dataset, how are you going to make it as impactful as possible? Tell me your prefered methods for promoting your published data!

In this game you need to find the 3 methods that you would use to promote your published data. These methods are represented by objects inside the maze.

Once you have collected the three objects take them to the data steward to complete the level.

  • Use Arrow Keys to choose to move.
  • Press Space to pick up objects.
  • Take 3 objects to the Data Steward to advance to the next level.